In its’ efforts to strengthen Government Schools in India, CLT has created a dynamic process by effectively bringing together different interest groups to collaborate for Partnership for Learning. - Government, non-government, corporate and academia and individual volunteers.

The main platform for CLT’s developmental initiatives is the Government schools. Although, we facilitate learning outside of this framework, it is always with the intention of getting them back into main-stream education. We get into a MOU with the Department of Education and adopt Schools. We work with the system and add value to their programs.

CLT has partnered with the corporate sector at many levels.

  • Their expertise and guidance
  • Funding support
  • Infrastructure support
  • Volunteers to give their time
  • Matching Grants for the volunteers’ hours

Many students from the Universities across the globe have come as interns to CLT. While CLT gains from their time and expertise, they gain an understanding of the work practices and cultural uniqueness of India. This enables a process of sharing and learning beneficial to both groups.

Partnership with the other NGOs with similar goals helps us in leveraging their presence in different communities to increase our reach.

Community’s involvement is central and integral to anything and everything we do.



    Millennium Alliance
    The MA is an inclusive platform to leverage Indian creativity, expertise, and resources to identify and scale innovative solutions being developed and tested in India to address development challenges that will benefit base of the pyramid populations across India and the world. The MA is a network to bring together various actors within India’s social innovation ecosystem including, but not limited to, social innovators, philanthropy organizations, social venture capitalists, angel investors, donors, service providers, and corporate foundations, to stimulate and facilitate financial contributions from the private and public sectors and offer a range of support to innovators.

  • Department of Education Karnataka
  • Microsoft Research Foundation
  • Cisco Foundation
  • Cisco Networks Bangalore
  • Intel Foundation
  • Intel Bangalore
  • Michel Bearings
  • British Engine
  • Computer Clubhouse Network
    • MIT Media Lab
    • Boston Museum of Science
  • Asha, AZ, U.S.A
  • Asha, San Francisco, U.S.A.
  • National University of Singapore
  • Jakkur Community

CLT is connected to 3 networks