Contours of growth

The ambition to take the e-Patashale program over multiple platforms to 10 million students by 2021 will require large scale and committed collaborations - through global philanthropy.

Leveraging on the CLT International arm in the US and its new representation in France, additional geographies in Europe and Middle East are also being explored for deep partnerships with individuals, corporations and governments who connect to the importance of letting young people realize and achieve their dreams - irrespective of the limitations they may face in the immediate community from a perspective of gaining literacy, life skill and overall education.

Our accomplished and senior representatives that represent us in overseas locations are constantly engaging to raise resources - funding, skills and technology sponsorship's and channel them to CLT’s India initiatives.

While significant effort and resources have already gone into reaching CLT’s work to 1 million students, the new goal set will require a new way of thinking and entirely new methods of developing, delivering and measuring the outcomes - to effectively reach the relevant ways of educating today’s youth.

Call to Action

In an age where technology is constantly blurring the lines in the way knowledge and information flow across continents between individuals who access it within a few seconds, there are also regions where learning is still a real challenge - due to lack of classrooms, teachers or the internet.

CLT has articulated and demonstrated the solution to including this section of students and teachers - to how things are shaping in a connected world. We are now reaching out to persons and corporations around the world for help - to successfully scale this to very large numbers - so by each passing day, a child doesn’t lose out.

We would like you to reach out to our international offices for information on how you can contribute, plan your taxes, have your organization connect and support CLT’s program to reach the 10 million students before 2021!

CLT International Foundation

CLT has a presence in USA to facilitate better understanding of the educational needs of children that live in the villages and that do not have access to good learning facilities. CLT-IF has 501 3 (C) to encourage people living in the U.S. to get involved with the programs of CLT India and to contribute generously, so we may reach out to many more children.
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