Partnership for learning with Government schools

In its efforts to strengthen Government Schools in India, CLT has created a dynamic process by effectively bringing together a 3-way collaboration between Government, Non-Government and Corporate sectors for Partnership for Learning.

CLT works very closely with the mainstream education system, the government schools- the only available option for the majority of children. CLT’s programs are designed to strengthen the existing model by supplementing and complementing with our intervention programs.

Current Challenges

Imagine these situations - children do not have access to learning in full-fledged, well-equipped classrooms; the village schools have trouble recruiting good teachers; many teachers don’t have adequate knowledge and training to teach Science, Math and English.

Every child has the right to education. That can be realized only with opportunities to learn in their own environment. This is what CLT has been engaged in since 1997.

CLT‘s team of teachers, resource people and volunteers have been devoting their time and talents to transfer the best teaching practices and lesson resources to where the children live!

How do we do that ?

CLT Resource Centre acts as a Hub where teachers and resource people with subject expertise come together to develop repository of localized multi-media content in regional languages that supports all lessons in all subjects for State-Board syllabus. And, our teachers are connected on-line to several remote classrooms simultaneously with the aid of an interactive software platform to deliver the lessons. The learning environment is very dynamic, as the teachers can share content, use White Board for explanations and students can interact with live discussions! CLT uses the technology platform from Cisco Systems – a pioneer in networking and communications – to connect to remote schools.

Children’s Resource Centre

          Integrating Technology-aided curricula-based              learning in Government Schools

            Year 2008 marks ten years for CLT and it has             made some headways in coming up with             simple, local solutions to give access to             quality education for children in under-served             communities. CLT’s e-Patashale initiative -             another layer of support system for the State             Board Schools is just that!

Teachers’ Resource Centre

We transform the way kids learn 4 ways.

Content Development: Development of localized
multi-media content to support State Board syllabus.

Education Delivery: Through online interactive teaching
from our teachers to far away schools.

DVD Libraries: Setting up DVD libraries in many
schools -Short videos of lesson-modules taught in an innovative way with a lot of visuals.

CLT After-school Centre: An innovative and exploratory Technology Lab - CLT Computer Clubhouse – an After-school mentoring program for children and youth.

Field Trip

Other Support to government schools

In addition to making learning more enjoyable and relevant with easy to understand learning modules, kids are also exposed to Art and Theatre and Summer Camps. Many children receive extra pairs of uniforms, shoes, school supplies and field trips, as well. Over the years, CLT has also engaged in school mid-day meal programs, extra classrooms, bathrooms and drinking water.The Resource Centre also has regular workshops for teacher-mediation with technology.