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Our reason to be

The UNESCO estimates teacher shortage in Indian schools at 3 million. An additional 1.5 million teachers will be required in the years to come. The ASER places the number of students in government schools at 121 million, more than half of whom are in rural or semi urban locations, while the count of teachers churned from India’s human resources remains low. Further, the addition to the number does not necessarily equate to addition in expertise or pedagogical strengths of the new recruits. The clear gaps in the education system are two pronged - the lack of teachers in general and the teachers lacking subject matter expertise. Extrapolate this situation to the rural parts of India, and lack of infrastructure including power and internet would further make the possibilities of access to knowledge by inspired students dismal.

UNESCO’s research puts India as one of the several countries in the developing world where this problem is rampant.

CLT India, established in 1997 and registered as the Children's LoveCastles Trust, is a not for profit organization focused on bringing the best educational resources to underserved communities. In its two decades of existence, CLT has arrived at a scalable model that carries digital STEM content in regional languages to classrooms in the most remote areas of Karnataka and Rajasthan. The content is aligned to the syllabus and significantly empowers the teachers with tools and inspires students to learn better through visual learning and engagement. The low-cost technology delivery model of CLT e-Patashale ensures that the solution has a built-in ecosystem and does not have dependencies on expensive or high quantum infrastructure, electricity, internet or even knowledge of IT.

Recognized as the low-cost innovator in the education and technology space by FICCI & USAID, as a partner with the Government, Corporate and Foundations as knowledge partners, CLT’s reach has benefitted over 750,000 students, creating a shift in the way Science and Mathematics is taught in over 7,000 classrooms in Karnataka, Rajasthan and Maharashtra. – proving that underserved schools can still have the best education in its classrooms, no matter what the challenges, only if there is the will.
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VISION : Making quality education accessible to all…

MISSION : …by putting quality resources within arms reach of every child…

STRATEGY : …achieving this through- Developing rich pedagogy in regional languages by master teachers, Delivering it with low cost technology in underserved communities, Data analytics to track usage patterns

Our new technology platform provide advanced insights on

  • Usage of technology in classrooms based on Grade, Language and Lesson.
  • Geographical penetration and States actively harnessing CLT's resources.


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Corporate Social Responsibility Consultancy Services
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