The Problem

Challenges to be addressed in Schools - Children face many challenges to engage in learning; the most intimidating of them all is not having a role to participate in the process. On the teachers’ front, as much as the other non-teaching duties come in the way of good preparations, lack of subject expertise and teaching resources ...

Our Premise

High-caliber teachers are still essential to good instructions and remain core to our approach. Nevertheless, by using digital technology for its strength in replication and scaling, CLTe-patashale is able to provide a cost-effective model of high quality instructions. The strength of CLTe-patashale lies in its adaptability to suit the varied needs of rural schools.

CLT's Response

Expanding learning opportunities and giving access to quality education for children in under-served communities has been the focal point of CLT’s developmental work since 1997. Technology has been an enabler in this key process. To counter and respond to shortage of elementary school teachers and resource-starved government schools,...  

2015 Key Data

  • Beneficiaries include both boys and girls – CLT believes in equal learning opportunities
  • Implemented e-Patashale in 3000 classrooms
  • 4000 teachers trained for technology mediation
  • Preliminary evaluations show gains in learning and changes in teaching style among remote teachers.
  • 300,000 children have been impacted so far.
  • CLT is scaling to other districts in Karnataka in 2015.
  • CLT is launching Hindi content in Rajasthan by June 2015.

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